PowerCom Box (with 2 years data)

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The PowerCom Box is a smart device for powering the SulfiLogger™ sensor and transmitting sensor data to the cloud.


Required accessories
A power/4-20mA cable and a RS-232 cable are required to use the PowerCom Box. The PowerCom Box uses disposable batteries, which must be ordered by SulfiLogger­.

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The PowerCom Box is a smart device for powering the SulfiLogger™ sensor and transmitting sensor data to the SulfiLogger™ WebData cloud service via cellular connectivity.


Cloud data – anytime, anywhere
In the SulfiLogger™ WebData cloud service you can:

  • Follow the development in H2S on any device and at any time
  • View and compare data from one or more SulfiLogger™ sensors
  • Export CSV data for further data analysis
  • Integrate sensor data into other systems using the REST API


Portable solution for easy installation in the entire sewer network
The battery-powered PowerCom Box transforms the SulfiLogger™ sensor into a fully self-contained sensor system ready to be deployed virtually anywhere in the sewer network. With the PowerCom Box, the SulfiLogger™ sensor can be used either as a portable sulfide mapping tool across the network or for permanent monitoring at a single installation site.


SCADA connectivity and DC power input
In addition to transmitting cloud data and powering the sensor, the PowerCom Box also acts as a gateway for easy SCADA/PLC integration using 4-20mA connectivity, and the device can also be powered by a DC power input.


2-year data subscription included
A 2-year data subscription to the SulfiLogger™ WebData cloud service (worth €800) is included with every PowerCom Box. A single PowerCom Box connects to a single SulfiLogger™ sensor, and the data subscription services are available on a per-unit basis for each PowerCom Box.

Cloud data specifications

Cloud data service SulfiLogger WebData
Data types H2S (mg/L or ppm)
Time resolution 1 minute
Transmission frequency Every 6th hour
Compatible device types PC, Tablet, Smartphone
Compatible browsers Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox
Data export Data export to Excel (CSV file)
System integration option Standardized REST API

Technical specifications

Power input Batteries or DC power (6-12 VDC, min. 2A)
Battery lifespan 3 months (estimated)
Data output Cloud data
4-20 mA (24 V) for SCADA/PLC
Connectivity 2G/3G/4G* (embedded SIM)
Antenna options Internal (included)
External (optional)

*Depending on the country.

Mechanical specifications

Dimensions 206 mm x 167 mm x 90 mm
(8.1 in x 6.6 in x 3.5 in)
Weight 1.2 kg (2.6 lb)
Material Polypropylene
IP rating IP67
Interface Status LED
On-off switch
Mounting accessories Crossbeam clamps
Wall mount brackets
DIN-rail brackets

Other specifications

ATEX marking** II 2(1) G    Ex ib [ia IIC Ga] IIC T4 Gb
II (1) G    [Ex ia Ga] IIC (with ext. connections)
Data subscription Available on a per-year basis
Warranty 12 months***

** Additional Ex specifications are listed in the Installation Manual.
*** When used in accordance with the Installation Manual.

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