Continuously measure dissolved H2S in raw wastewater in sewer networks and WWTPs.

Oil & Gas

Get real-time measurements of all H2S levels with no delay.


Measure wet and unprocessed gas and identify H2S peaks in biogas processing.

Measure H2S everywhere, always

The SulfiLoggerTM  is a novel, robust microelectrochemical sensor capable of providing highly accurate, continuous hydrogen sulfide measurements under extreme conditions in sewer networks, at wastewater treatment plants, and in gas pipelines.

Measuring directly in raw wastewater, in the air above, or in unprocessed natural gas and biogas, the SulfiLoggerTM sensor works where other sensors give up.

Optimize your H2S management

The SulfiLoggerTM sensor reveals new information about your H2S challenges and enables greatly optimized H2S mitigation.

Root cause analysis

Effectively locate and manage your H2S challenges at the source.

Asset Management

Make asset management decisions on an informed basis.

Odor & Corrosion control

Mitigate H2S induced odors and corrosion.

Chemical dosing

Optimize the effectiveness and reduce the cost of chemicals.

“With the real time aqueous H2S data, we are hopeful that our chemical feed systems will be optimized to control H2S to a very low concentration while providing chemical cost savings, digester gas scrubber media savings, and corrosion prevention.”