H2S levels in wastewater and sewage networks – get the full picture

You know that measuring hydrogen sulfide in the air only shows you the tip of the iceberg when it comes to identifying H2S odor from wastewater. But did you also know that it is possible to continuously measure the levels of dissolved hydrogen sulfide directly in wastewater instead? It is!

Optimize the treatment of hydrogen sulfide in sewer systems

With our SulfiLoggerTM sensor it is possible to monitor the sulfide levels in sewer systems continuously. The data collected by the sensor gives you a real-time overview of the sulfide presence and concentration. This way you can optimize the treatment of hydrogen sulfide, because you can pinpoint exactly how much H2S is present at any given time at your SCADA system.

Identify odor issues and cut down on chemicals for H2S removal

By using the sensor for root cause analysis, odor issues caused by hydrogen sulfide can be eliminated, as the exact location of the problem can be identified, which in turn makes it safer for workers to move around in the sewers because the SulfiLoggerTM sensor makes it possible to identify hotspots with high levels of H2S.

Predict corrosion and optimize the maintenance of your sewers

Additionally, you can cut down on the use of chemicals for removing sulfide and lower the running operational costs. Because the sensors provide you with a complete and continuous overview of the levels of hydrogen sulfide it will be possible to predict corrosion in the sewage system more precisely, and thus eliminating unnecessary maintenance. When planning the construction of new sewage systems or redesigning existing networks, it will be possible to use data from the SulfiLoggerTM sensor for asset management. The continuous overview of H2S levels makes it possible to determine the level of corrosion within the pipeline and assess the sewage network lifetime and intelligently prioritize preventive maintenance initiatives.

The measurement of H2S directly in wastewater is extremely precise

The SulfiLoggerTM sensor is the only hydrogen sulfide sensor that is inserted directly into the raw wastewater at a given location and monitors the levels of hydrogen sulfide continuously. Other sensors measure the hydrogen sulfide when it is released as gas from the wastewater in the sewer, or they need costly and time-consuming conditioning of the wastewater before measurement. Those types of H2S measuring are affected by a number of circumstances in the sewer and do not provide you with a precise, instant and cost-effective measurement of the actual levels of hydrogen sulfide.

The SulfiLoggerTM sensor is extremely robust and works in places with all concentration levels of H2S.


  • A complete picture of the presence of liquid phase H2S in wastewater sewers
  • Continuous measurements in real-time of dissolved H2S, allowing for instant feedback control for chemical dosing pumps
  • Short response time allowing for fast detection of variations in H2S levels
  • A very robust sensor design with a small reaction chamber that clears out fast leading to speedy recovery and minimal hysteresis/history influence on the sensor readings
  • A unit that can operate in harsh environments and under anaerobic conditions in pressurized sewer systems

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