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SulfiLogger™ sensor system for manholes

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Sensor system with all the components needed to get started measuring hydrogen sulfide in sewer manholes and integrating continuous sensor data into SCADA/PLC systems using the sensor’s 4-20mA output.


The system includes:

Recommended accessories
We recommend you to add a Calibration Kit to your order.


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Full sensor system
The kit is a fully self-contained sensor system ready to be deployed virtually anywhere in the sewer network, and suitable for a range of applications including permanent monitoring, root cause analysis campaigns or chemical dosing control operations.


Designed to stay in the sewer
The SulfiLogger™ sensor is designed to operate under extreme conditions and measures under anaerobic conditions and in up to 100% humidity. Unlike other measurement solutions, the sensor does not need regular dry-out time in office-like conditions. It is designed specifically to stay in the sewer.


4-20mA data, always
This sensor system delivers a continuous sensor signal into SCADA/PLC systems using the analogue 4-20mA output, while the sensor is powered by loop power from the same cable. This kit is also available in a configuration with cloud data and battery-powered operation.


This sensor system is a bundle containing multiple individual products.

Please click on the individual products as listed under “The system includes” to view their specifications.

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