Measure H2S anywhere

for reliable insights in rough environments

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Measure H2S anywhere

for reliable insights in rough environments

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Reliable H2S insights

The SulfiLoggerTM sensor provides the reliable insights you need to optimize your H2S management.

It continuously measures hydrogen sulphide in untreated sewage, in the air above sewage, or in wet process gases. Built to withstand the harsh conditions found in sewer networks, the ATEX-certified sensor operates under anaerobic conditions and in up to 100% humidity. It is suitable for both permanent H2S monitoring and portable sulfide mapping campaigns in the entire sewer network and at the wastewater treatment plant.

Hydrogen sulfide sensor
Measurement locations
Hydrogen sulfide sensor

Know your H2S challenge

Hydrogen sulfide causes severe odor, corrosion, and worker safety problems. Although these problems can be mitigated, a lack of reliable data often results in inefficient H2S management. Existing measurement solutions only show you the tip of the iceberg, and your true H2S challenge is bigger and more complex than you think.

Measuring completely uninterrupted in critical network hotspots, the SulfiLoggerTM sensor technology provides a reliable, true and dynamic overview of how H2S impacts your entire sewer network.

Monitor your H2S challenge

Your hydrogen sulphide challenge is always developing.

The SulfiLoggerTM sensor measures the volatile gas continuously. This enables you to follow the development in H2S directly in your SCADA or PLC system – or on any device using the cloud based SulfiLoggerTM WebData IoT solution.

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Measure H2S without interruptions in sewer networks and at wastewater treatment plants.


Monitor H2S continuously in wet biogas immediately after the anaerobic digester.


Measure right after the separator to follow the development in H2S in oil & gas processing.

Oil & gas

Optimize your H2S management

Do you know if your H2S mitigation actually works?

Prioritize, evaluate and optimize your H2S mitigation activities with a data-driven approach to H2S management. With the SulfiLoggerTM H2S sensor, you can:

Are your assets deteriorating faster than expected due to H2S induced corrosion?

Map your network with a group of H2S loggers and implement a data-driven asset management strategy to extend the remaining lifespan of your valuable pipelines, wells, engines and other assets.

Are you troubled by frequent odor problems?

Locate H2S hotspots in the network with the H2S monitor and prioritize mitigation initiatives to prevent rotten-egg malodors and time-consuming residential complaints handling.

Are you dosing scavenger chemicals in excess to prevent H2S odors and corrosion?

Optimize your existing chemical dosing strategy or adopt a new, automated dosing strategy using the SulfiLoggerTM probe’s real-time H2S data as a direct and dynamic control input for your chemical dosing pumps.

Do you know where your H2S problems originate?

Map hotspots in complex sewer networks to locate the root cause of your H2S challenge and solve the problem at the source. The H2S device is suitable for both permanent and portable measurement campaigns.

H2S impedes biological wastewater treatment processes and negatively affects the yield in Biogas production.
Control and optimize your processes with real-time sensor data from the H2S logger.

How safe is safe enough?

H2S causes several negative health effects and is potentially lethal at concentrations above 500ppm. Detect peak loads in your H2S development and improve your worker safety.

Case studies

Do you want to know how a data-driven approach to H2S management can optimize your operations? Then check out these case studies.

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“With the real time aqueous H2S data, we are hopeful that our chemical feed systems will be optimized to control H2S to a very low concentration while providing chemical cost savings, digester gas scrubber media savings, and corrosion prevention.”