A framework for H2S control strategies

Are your hydrogen sulfide control activities aligned with your objectives?

In this insights story, we present a basic framework for selecting the optimal H2S control strategy. This framework emphasizes why reliable hydrogen sulfide data is a key variable for deciding and optimizing control strategies.

For this basic framework, we divide the different control strategies info four quadrants based on what you want to achieve (the purpose) and how you want to do it (the type of action). In this framework, the control strategies seek to either prevent or eliminate hydrogen sulfide formation using either construction projects or operational control optimizations.

The basic framework is presented in this figure (click to enlarge):

Design and construction strategies

The design and construction strategies are primarily CapEx (Capital Expenditure) focused activities involving various construction projects.

Here, reliable hydrogen sulfide data is a critical data input for deciding what to do, where to do it, and to evaluate if the activity performs as expected. This can be achieved by measuring the sulfide load on critical network hotspots both before and after construction projects.

Operational control strategies

The operational control strategies are more OpEx (Operational Expenditure) focused activities. These strategies can include chemical dosing operations to either prevent/inhibit hydrogen sulfide formation (e.g., by dosing nitrate or air) or to eliminate/precipitate the hydrogen sulfide once it has been formed (e.g., by dosing iron salts).

For the operational control strategies, reliable H2S data is a useful input for optimizing dosing stations by matching dosing rates to actual requirements and thereby preventing excessive dosing. This optimization in turn reduces OpEx and improves environmental compliance.


Regardless of your choice in H2S control strategy, reliable hydrogen sulfide data is a key input that enables fact-based decision-making for design activities and ongoing optimizations of existing operational control strategies.

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