Smart odor and corrosion control

Intelligent chemical dosing

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Host: Søren Porsgaard

Are you dosing chemicals in excess to prevent H2S induced odor and corrosion?

Did you know that there is a better way?

Sign up for our free 30-minute webinar and hear more about how you can use continuous, liquid-phase H2S measurements to achieve a better and more cost-efficient dosing of chemicals for H2S mitigation.

By participating in this webinar, you will among other things learn:

  1. Why liquid-phase H2S measurements are essential for optimizing chemical dosing stations
  2. How you can use real-time sensor data to optimize chemical dosing stations
  3. Best-practices for multiple chemical dosing strategies including fully sensor-controlled  dosing

Please select a timeslot when signing up for this webinar:

1) European timeslot
Thursday October 7
10:00AM (CET)

2) US/CA timeslot
Thursday October 7
09:00AM (PT) / 12:00PM (ET) / 06:00PM (CET)

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