Unisense visited Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) at the end of August 2018 to see how they implemented two Unisense H2S sensors at specific treatment plant locations. One sensor has been installed at an anaerobic digester for biogas production, with the goal of reducing H2S-scavenging chemical use by correlating dosage and the sludge’s aqueous H2S concentration. Another sensor was installed at the treatment plant inlet to reduce the cost of H2S mitigation in the force mains and also to identify the sources of odor. In this case the Unisense sensor measures the liquid phase and allows chemical dosing according to real-time monitoring of incoming H2S concentrations. With the H2S sensor SVCW will be able to pinpoint the source of H2S by placing the sensor in pipe junctions further and further upstream to identify which incoming pipe carries high H2S content sewage.

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