Unisense enters the Danish Water Technology Alliance

Unisense is teaming up with the Danish Water Technology Alliance to increase the awareness of the SulfiLoggerTM H2S sensor on the American wastewater market.

Sofie Hyldal Thorgaard (left), Commercial Advisor at The Water Technology Alliance, visited Unisense for an introduction to the SulfiLogger™ sensor project and a field inspection of a liquid-phase H2S sensor at a wet well near Aarhus.

The Water Technology Alliance (WTA) is a public-private partnership between Danish waste water utilities and the Danish Trade Council assisting Danish water technology companies with market entry and expansion on the North American wastewater market through various networking activities including plant visits and workshops. Unisense is excited to be part of the WTA and eager to boost the SulfiLoggerTM related activities on the American wastewater market with the thorough assistance and support from Sofie and her colleagues at the WTA.

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